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Maintenance Tips

Check Your Repair Kit!

With winter almost over, make sure that you’re ready for your first ride outside. With the salt and sand on the road, riding conditions aren’t the best. Be sure that your repair kit is in good order... read more



The Blue Sky Demo Program provides you with the opportunity to experience different bicycles and wheel sets . By trying bikes with different geometries, component packages and suspension systems under actual riding conditions you become better informed about the attributes of specific brands and products.

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Fitness Tips

Stay Seated

March can be a cruel month for cyclists in the Northeast. It’s imperative that you spend quality time on the bike but often times the weather is extremely inhospitable. That translates into long... read more



Still 5 stars for these guys! My husband just bought our 5th bike from Blue Sky--a mountain bike. It's well worth a 45 minute drive for us. A few months ago, my front derailleur was giving me some grief. I took it in to have them take a look at it, and they immediately put it up on the stand. Right away, the mechanic made a few tweaks, and it was as good as new. When I asked him what I owed him, he told me not to worry about, saying it was a small easy fix. Love this place!

Albany, NY 

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