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Maintenance Tips

Checking Your Wheels

Check your wheels every 200 miles or so Look for Trueness With your bike in a work-stand, spin each wheel. Watch the gaps between the brake pads and rim. If the space on either side grows or shrinks by more than 2mm, your wheel is out of true. Take it to your local... read more



The Blue Sky Demo Program provides you with the opportunity to experience different bicycles and wheel sets . By trying bikes with different geometries, component packages and suspension systems under actual riding conditions you become better informed about the attributes of specific brands and products.

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Fitness Tips

The Dog Days

Many people get a little sick of riding at this point in the season. If that’s you, take a break. A little rest now will put you in good shape for the most beautiful riding of the year – Fall. Even if you don’t feel burned out, ease up a bit, maybe skip an interval... read more