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Maintenance Tips

Clunks, Clicks and Creaks

Picture yourself on a peaceful quiet country road. The wind in your helmet, The smell of farms in the air, and that annoying creak from your bottom bracket in your ears! No matter how fast you... read more



The Blue Sky Demo Program provides you with the opportunity to experience different bicycles and wheel sets . By trying bikes with different geometries, component packages and suspension systems under actual riding conditions you become better informed about the attributes of specific brands and products.

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Fitness Tips

Interval Sessions

Finally!! We’re riding outside, vacation plans are forming and those first few charity rides are now weeks not months away. To keep sharp and healthy throughout the cycling season it’s... read more



I have purchased 2 bicycles here: one 7 years ago and one last summer. Both experiences were positive but last year was awesome, of course I was looking at pricey road bikes. That said, I was fit on several bikes before test riding them and felt like the person helping me (Caleb) was really interested in finding the best model for the type of rider i was. After purchasing the bicycle, the fit was not quite right. There was no problem bringing it back in to have everything readjusted for a more comfortable ride. These people know bikes and have the knowledge to help you choose the right product.


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