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Electric Bikes

E-Bikes have arrived at Blue Sky Bicycles!

E-bikes: noun /ee-baik/ – a bicycle where the rider’s pedaling is assisted by a small electric motor.

One of the hottest bikes currently trending in the U.S. market is the e-bike. In 2015, E-bikes accounted for over 30 million units sold in Asia, and over 2 million units sold in Europe. The U.S. market is only a fraction of the European market, but has consistently grown over the last five years. And rightly so!

E-bikes provide anywhere from 0% assist up to 300% assist, in some models. Whether you are commuting to and from work, going for a leisurely ride around town, or looking for a way to increase your range, e-bikes are for you!

Stop by and experience the Blue Sky Difference. We have several models you can take outside and ride. Blue Sky has 2 Bosch Certified Technicians on site. This means you can expect the same level of service to your new e-bicycle that you currently receive on your other bicycles.

Announcements: We’re back from our break! Now is the best time to get your bike in before it gets busy so you’re ready for Spring and that first nice day of the year.