Stay Seated

March can be a cruel month for cyclists in the Northeast. It’s imperative that you spend quality time on the bike but often times the weather is extremely inhospitable. That translates into long trainer sessions, or wrapping yourself up in so much hi-tech fabric that...

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Indoor Training Things to Remember

If you’re in your basement sweating away on the indoor trainer here are a few things to remember. Plan When your bike is hooked up to the trainer, Time seems to stand still the moment your seat touches the saddle. The best way to move those hands forward is to create...

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Outdoor Riding in Cool/Cold Weather

There is no need to stop riding during the cold weather. If you’ll be riding out doors in the cool/cold weather keep these three tips in mind. Spin If possible, hop on your trainer for 15 minutes before heading outside. That way your core temperature is already up....

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Time to Mountain Bike

This is a great time of year to get into the woods and enjoy the changing colors, the nice cool air, and some beautiful scenery. Looking for places to ride? We highly recommend a book about mountain bike trails written by the legendary Gary Thomann. The book “Mountain...

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Ride often and Notice your Surroundings

There’s still time to enjoy some beautiful outdoor riding. There are some great Century Rides to partake in (see below). But it’s also the time of year we get to slow down a bit. Take in the views you usually don’t notice and stop for fresh cider rather than drinking...

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The Dog Days

Many people get a little sick of riding at this point in the season. If that’s you, take a break. A little rest now will put you in good shape for the most beautiful riding of the year – Fall. Even if you don’t feel burned out, ease up a bit, maybe skip an interval...

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Hills, the Bane of our Cycling Existence

Hopefully you took our advice in June and started to add some vertical to your riding schedule. Now it’s time to pay a little more attention in order to improve our overall climbing. You will improve by making a couple of small adjustments: Most of you start a climb...

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Hill Climbs

Hopefully your weekends are starting to fill up with fun activities like The Tour de Cure and all the Mohawk Hudson Cycling Club Rides. If you’re looking to improve on the bike, now is the time to incorporate some hill climbs. To climb better you need to climb more....

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Interval Sessions

Finally!! We're riding outside, vacation plans are forming and those first few charity rides are now weeks not months away. To keep sharp and healthy throughout the cycling season it’s important to incorporate two specific workouts into your riding week. To ensure...

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Prepare for the Warm Sunny Days

It’s way too early to imagine that first warm sunny day when you miraculously have time for a 4 hour ride. But that day will come, and now is the time to be sure that you are ready for it. Base Fitness Whether you are on the trainer, skis, snow shoes or treadmill it’s...

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BlueSky is a wonderful bike shop. I have purchased four bicycles from them over the last 7 years, two for me, one for my son and one for my husband. They are all cyclists so they really know about the sport, and are all very helpful when choosing and fitting a bike. While they have many high end bikes, they also have entry level bikes for those of us with less money, or just starting out. They always work within my budget and give me options to choose from. And plenty of time to test ride. Their service is also good and efficient. I highly recommend checking them out. And I love their clean showroom. It feels nice just to be there!

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