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Maintaining your Bike

Maintaining your mountain bike in good working order is imperative to getting full advantage of your suspension systems, riding more safely and feeling less fatigued over the course of your ride. To get you started on some basic maintenance, follow these easy steps to keep you bike well maintained and avoid breakdowns.

Bike wipe & check – after a ride – about every 50km

Front Shock – Wipe stanchions and ensure dust seals are clean and oil free
Rear Shock – Wipe and ensure dust seal is clean
Run chain through dry clean cloth. Wipe old lube off chain rings. Re-lube chain and wipe off the excess..

A quick check to see that everything is working:

  • Check wheels (skewers) are tight
  • Check brakes work and are not loose (levers and callipers)
  • Check handlebar is tight and not loose
  • Check gears are working and changing properly
  • Check and adjust tire pressure

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