Maintaining your Bike

Maintaining your mountain bike in good working order is imperative to getting full advantage of your suspension systems, riding more safely and feeling less fatigued over the course of your ride. To get you started on some basic maintenance, follow these easy steps to...

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Don’t Be Salty.

If you are brave enough to venture outdoors in the winter time, remember to wash your bike when you get home. Even if the roads are dry there still is salt on the roads. That salt will eat away your drive train, seize bearings and prevent pedals from working properly....

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Show your brakes some love.

One of the most important parts on your bike is your brakes. Making sure these are working properly is important not only for safety but also for performance. Think about descending a hill at 45mph with bad brakes, not my idea of fun! Here are some things to look for...

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Winter is on its way!

Not everyone out there is a crazy die-hard and ride out side in the winter, but if you are, here are somethings that will make life a little easier. Make sure your drive train is lubed! This is very important when salt and grit are on the roads. You want to make sure...

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The “Fall” Season

Fall is upon us. That means it's the best time of the year to hit the woods. The weather is cool, the colors are beautiful and the mosquitoes are gone! Consequently with mountain biking, means you will probably take a couple spills. That's OK, it happens to everyone,...

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It’s Not All About The Bike

Not all maintenance practices are geared towards the bike. Keeping your bottles clean is just as important as a clean drive train. There is nothing worst than taking a big swig of musty Gatorade flavored water on a hot day! Here are some tips to help keep your bottles...

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Checking Your Wheels

Check your wheels every 200 miles or so Look for Trueness With your bike in a work-stand, spin each wheel. Watch the gaps between the brake pads and rim. If the space on either side grows or shrinks by more than 2mm, your wheel is out of true. Take it to your local...

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Pre-ride Check

Whether you are a road, mountain, or recreational rider there are a few things you should be checking before every ride. Things to check are: Tire pressure. Especially important for road cyclist since high psi tires will bleed air quicker than lower psi tires. Make...

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Avoid the Pinch

Tire pressure is one of those things that can make your bike feel like a million bucks or can make it feel like you're pedaling through pudding. Proper tire pressure is not only specific to each bike tire, but also dependent on trail or road conditions. On the...

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Clunks, Clicks and Creaks

Picture yourself on a peaceful quiet country road. The wind in your helmet, The smell of farms in the air, and that annoying creak from your bottom bracket in your ears! No matter how fast you pedal, you can not escape it! When it comes to the way your bike should...

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BlueSky is a wonderful bike shop. I have purchased four bicycles from them over the last 7 years, two for me, one for my son and one for my husband. They are all cyclists so they really know about the sport, and are all very helpful when choosing and fitting a bike. While they have many high end bikes, they also have entry level bikes for those of us with less money, or just starting out. They always work within my budget and give me options to choose from. And plenty of time to test ride. Their service is also good and efficient. I highly recommend checking them out. And I love their clean showroom. It feels nice just to be there!

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