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Fitness Testing

Ffitness testing is appropriate for anyone who wants to make the most of their training time.  We offer comprehensive testing for triathletes and cyclists:  in 2 hours, an athlete can dial in fueling, wattage, and heart rate zones.  Athletes can identify specific training zones designed to meet their season-long goals.

Blue Sky Bicycles provides Fitness Teasting with fitness professional Joey Adams of Intelligent Fitness.

Get your training on track by learning EXACTLY where your aerobic engine is the strongest and where your anaerobic engine kicks in.  You will also learn your potential, and how to fuel your engine with an optional RMR test.  MOST importantly you will learn what to do with this information by dialing in your program, turning your workouts into a training program. 

Workouts are great - they burn calories, and are fun...but training programs help you reach a goal and uncover your true potential.

Fitness Test:

Depending on your needs and the tests you choose, in under an hour you can learn:
· Resting Metabolic Rate - the amount of calories your body burns in a day without exercise
· Lactate Threshold - the point where your body switches from burning fat to burning sugar
· VO2 Max - the most amount of oxygen your body can supply per minute during exercise
· How to use a heart rate monitor in regard to your personal heart rate zones

Pricing structure:

Resting Metabolic Heart Rate: $99

VO2 Max & Aerobic Threshold: $139

VO2 Max & Aerobic Threshold & Resting Metabolic Heart Rate: $169

VO2 Max & Aerobic Threshold & Watts: $189

VO2 Max & Aerobic Threshold & Resting Metabolic Heart Rate & Watts: $209

Cycling watts add-on: $50/test

No Show Fee: $75

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Every testing day sells out, so call the store today to book your appointment: (518) 583-0600.