Enjoy Life, Stay Healthy, Keep Riding

Casual Saturday Rides are back! The ride leaves from the shop on Saturdays at 8:00am!

Ride is two hours and the pace is a casual 13-16mph! The store is open for all your needs at 9am, so feel free to stop in afterwards!

*Please park on the side streets as the business opens while the ride is out*



Kids Bikes

Blue Sky outfits hundreds of kids each season with bikes that are properly assembled, correctly sized and custom-fitted to each child.

We know that the children’s bikes at Blue Sky are more expensive than department store bikes. The reasons are simple. Our manufactures supply us with bikes that are built to the same standards as adult bikes. There is no skimping on cheaper brake calipers, stamped steel stems or loose-bearing hubs. The paint on the frames is non-toxic,and the rubber compound on the kids tires is a little softer for better traction. The overall weight of the bike will be a pound or two lighter than a cheaper steel bike in the same size. That may not seem like much to you but imagine if you were expected to enjoy riding a bike that weighed only 10 lbs less than your total body weight. Would you have any fun at all riding around on a 100 lb bike?

For the kids – they only have one childhood and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get that first bike. Introduce them to a healthy lifestyle with quality products that are a joy to use.



Kids Bike Trade-Up Program

Every kid deserves a great bike. That’s why we created our Kids Bike Trade-Up Program.  When you buy a new kids’ bike (20-inch wheel or less) * from Blue Sky, you’ll have up to three years to bring it back for a trade-in credit toward the next size up. The trade-in credit will generally be equal to a 20% discount on your new bike.  The bike you traded in gets a full tune-up. Blue Sky is then able to offer the used bike for sale at a great value.

This program is our way of making sure that all Saratoga kids have a chance to ride a safe, well-built bicycle that fits properly. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Whether you are buying a used or new kids’ bike from Blue Sky, you’ll get a bike that was assembled, and safety checked by a professional mechanic. Our fit experts will make sure your child rolls out the door on a bike that is the perfect size!

*  The bike must be purchased from Blue Sky Bicycles and must be towards a larger size; you cannot trade “down” or replace the same size. Original receipt is required or under your name in our system. Trade-in bikes must in working condition,** be cosmetically appealing and rust free. Only bikes purchased from Blue Sky are eligible to participate in the Trade Up program. Kids bikes, sizes 12″ to 20″ are eligible.

** Working Condition is described as: A safe and functioning bicycle whereas tires have no less than 50% of tread remaining and tubes must hold air; overall bike is cosmetically appealing and rust free; no stripped nuts, bolts, or Allen keys; brakes and pads stop bike adequately; drivetrain components are in working order; wheels are true and spokes are in good condition. We reserve the right to refuse any bike we feel has been modified or damaged, mechanically or cosmetically, in such a way that it is no longer fit to ride.

TRADE UP CREDIT                              Used Bike Retail Price

12″ bike = $50 credit                              $75

16″ bike = $60 credit                              $90

20″ bike = $80 credit                              $110


Used Childrens’ Bikes

Take advantage of Blue Sky Bicycles’ trade-in program and help keep kids on bikes when they outgrow their current one. Trade-ins are available for sale as used bikes. Stock of these bikes can change often, but the current selection is listed below:

Hotrock Trade-In

Size: 12″