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Cory & Doug Ward

Cory & Doug Ward



Where do you live, what do you do for a living, and how old are you?
We live in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Doug is a lawyer and Cory is a Hospice volunteer coordinator.
Doug is 71, Cory is 64.

What kind of bike(s) do you ride? What are the features you like about it?
Doug and I both ride Serotta single bikes, and we ride together on our Seven tandem mountain bike and Santana tandem road bike. We like all of these bikes for the same reasons: they are light-weight and nimble for their class, and they all have excellent craftsmanship.
Doug also has a Santa Cruz mountain bike which has been great for gravel roads and single track. (He loves those mid-fat tires and the automatic seat adjustment.)

How long have you been riding, and how did you get into cycling?
We both have been cycling since childhood and started tandem biking 12 years ago.

How do you typically put the miles on your bike(s)? Do you keep track of your miles?
We generally do 20 to 60 miles on day trips and do not keep track of our miles.

Do you have some favorite routes?
Favorite routes include biking from Saratoga to the Battlefield, various routes around the Canandaigua Lake area, and rides in the Saranac Lake/Bloomingdale area. We have also enjoyed rides with our tandem bike in Europe, Africa, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Japan.

What are your long-term cycling goals?
Our long-term biking goals are to keep riding! We also look forward to riding on a completed bike loop and expanded bike lanes in and around Saratoga Springs — we hope sooner than later!

What are your proudest moments as a cyclist?
Our proudest achievement is biking Mont Ventoux in France on our tandem.

What tips would you offer to less experienced riders?
You can learn a lot from others if you ride in groups.

What’s your favorite cycling product/accessory?
A good rear view mirror attached to your helmet is our favorite accessory.

How do you fuel and hydrate when you’re in the saddle?
We hydrate with water and fuel with energy bars, nuts, and bananas.

Any funny or unusual experiences during your riding/racing career?
A most unusual experience was riding in eight lanes of wall-to-wall, rush-hour traffic (mostly motor scooters carrying 3-4 family members or a live pig) in downtown Ho Chi Min City. Many scooters traveled against traffic or on the sidewalk; turn or change lane signals were out of the question. Yet despite all this seeming chao, there was a surprising calm. No horns or discouraging words in spite of some of the most free-form driving we have ever witnessed. Despite the turmoil, we felt very safe – – it was sort of like biking in the eye of hurricane.

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