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Demo Program

The Blue Sky Demo Program provides you with the opportunity to experience different bicycles and wheel sets . By trying bikes with different geometries, component packages and suspension systems under actual riding conditions you become better informed about the attributes of specific brands and products. When you ride 60 miles on a bike, or hit up your favorite trail system a few times, terms like “responsiveness”, “eats up the road” and “the rear is very active”, actually start to mean something.

  • The Demo Bike Fee is $150 for 3 days. The fee may be applied to a new bike purchase of $1500 or more, within 30 days of the demo date. Only one Demo Bike Fee may be applied per purchase.
  • Demo bikes must be treated with respect and not abused.
  • Demo bikes and equipment may not be used in competition.
  • Damaged bikes will be repaired at the client’s expense.
  • Blue Sky Bicycles reserves the right to refuse any demo ride for any reason.
  • The customer is responsible for having a method of transporting the bike that will not cause damage to the bike.
  • Demo riders must sign a liability form and be at least 18 years of age.
  • Demo riders must leave a copy of their driver’s license and a valid credit card number in order to demo equipment. A deposit will be charged on your credit card when taking bikes and equipment.

Road Bikes Available for Demo

  • Check back soon!

Mountain Bikes Available for Demo

  • Trek Remedy
  • Trek Fuel
  • Santa Cruz Tallboy
  • Santa Cruz Hightower
  • Specialized Stumpjumper 6 Fattir – Medium

Equipment Demos



The program cost $100 for a 4-day demo. Bring your bike to the shop. We will remove your cassette and install it on the demo wheels and adjust the brakes and derailleurs. When you return the wheels we will reverse the process and get your wheels back on your bike.

Wheel Sets Available for Demo

  • Zipp 303 FC
  • Zipp 404 FC
  • Zipp 404 NSW

Saddle Test Ride Program

The saddle test ride program is designed to eliminate the guess work and expense of finding the right saddle.

We’ll do a brief lower back/sit bone analysis in order to recommend saddles that have been designed to work with your bone structure. We’ll set the saddle on your bike and you have 7 days to use the saddle to see if it’s right for you. You may demo as many saddles as necessary to arrive at the one that fits you best.

The saddle test ride program cost $40. A $10 credit will be applied to any saddle purchase you make through the Test Ride Program.

Available Saddles

  • Bontrager
  • Cobb
  • Fizik
  • Sella Italia
  • Terry
  • Specialized

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