Enjoy Life, Stay Healthy, Keep Riding

Norm Smith

Norm Smith

Where do you live, what do you do for a living, and how old are you?

I live in Wilton and am retired VP of Human Resources for the Adirondack Trust Company in Saratoga Springs.  I am 72 years old.

What kind of bike(s) do you ride? What are the features you like about them?

My road bike is a Serotta equipped with DI2 electronic shifting. I also have a Specialized Cross Trail (hybrid) and a Dahon folding bike.

How long have you been riding, and how did you get into cycling? 

I have been riding actively since the mid 1980’s. My cycling accelerated when my son and daughter graduated from recreational and traveling team soccer and I no longer coached their teams.

How do you typically put the miles on your bike(s)?

I have ridden over 57,500 miles since my retirement 10 years ago last December 31st. I log all of my miles on a spread sheet on my computer.

Do you have some favorite routes or races? 

I enjoy riding extensively in northern Saratoga County. I also have the opportunity to ride in the Caribbean .and Central America with a group called Bike and Cruise. during winter.

What are your long-term cycling goals? 

I set an annual goal of 5000 miles, which I have accomplished each year following my retirement. My goal is to ride a lot of miles and enjoy every one of them!

What are your proudest moments as a cyclist? 

Completion of a cross country ride in 2008, following my retirement. We started in Astoria, Oregon dipping our rear wheels in the Pacific Ocean. Fifty days and 3763 miles later, we dipped our front wheels in the Atlantic Ocean in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

What tips would you offer to less experienced riders? 

Be safe and enjoy the ride!

What’s your favorite cycling product/accessory? 

The new front and rear lights that make me feel safer on the road.

How do you fuel and hydrate when you’re in the saddle? 

I start each ride with a banana and a Kind bar. I fill 2 bottles with diluted Gatorade. During warm weather I fill 2 insulated bottles half-way and put them in the freezer the night before and top them off prior to the ride. It provides cold drink for several hours.

Any funny or unusual experiences during your riding/racing career? 

I am a member of the Saratoga Springs Lions Club. We sponsor a one-week, overnight sports camp for blind and visually impaired youth called Camp Abilities Saratoga annually at Skidmore College. One of the activities is tandem biking. It is a great experience to have the opportunity to share a ride with some of the campers.

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