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Casual Saturday Rides are back! The ride leaves from the shop on Saturdays at 8:00am!

Ride is two hours and the pace is a casual 13-16mph! The store is open for all your needs at 9am, so feel free to stop in afterwards!

*Please park on the side streets as the business opens while the ride is out*



Washington Count Logo

Washington County Ramble — 78 Miles

You can ride for several hours and only be passed by a handful of vehicles on this ride.  The terrain is scenic, undulating and seemingly endless.  We’ve carved out a 72-miler but with a quick left or right here and there you can make this a Century very easily.  There are no major climbs but the roads are rarely flat for more than a few miles at a stretch.

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History Lesson Lodo

History Lesson — 38 Miles

This ride encompasses the Saratoga National Historic Park.  The Park is the site of the “Battles of Saratoga”, which are considered the “Turning Point of the Revolution” in 1777.   The Park Road is beautiful.  There is a fee for using the Park, which is nominal and in the spirit of civic responsibility, we hope you’ll stop in the Visitors Center, and pay the few dollars.  While there you can use the facilities, fill your water bottles and learn a little about your forebears fight for freedom.

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Ormsbee High Logo

Ormsbee High — 38 Miles

A nice meander out of town turns upward as you reach Ormsbee Road.  The climb is an exceedingly small price to pay for the breathtaking views as you go up the hill.  Break the usual “no-easing-up-at-the-top” rule to stop and enjoy the fruits of your efforts.   The rest of the ride is pretty and the last few miles into town are downhill or flat.

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King of Climbs Logo

King of Climbs — 28 Miles

We’re lucky to have a challenging climb right outside of town.  You’ll have just enough time to warm up before hitting the base of Lake Desolation Road.  The 5-mile climb that follows ends at Lake Desolation where you can take a dip before turning around and heading back into town.

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Fitch Road Logo

Fitch Road — 17 Miles

When you have limited time or energy, but want a taste of the countryside in and around Saratoga, this ride is a great option.  It takes you past some horse farms and over beautiful Fish Creek before looping back into town.

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Westward Ho Logo

Westward Ho — 45 Miles

You’ll encounter some climbs here and there but the highlight of this ride is the stretch that runs along the Hudson River.  With a tailwind it’s a dream, mostly downhill with the river raging alongside you.  If the wind is against you (not usual) things can take a slightly darker turn but either way you’ll be glad you made the ride.

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Ride the Ridge Logo

Ride the Ridge — 35 Miles

Out behind Saratoga Lake lies some of the prettiest roads in the whole county.  This route has low vehicular traffic, some scenic spots and a generally quiet vibe.  You’re in for some terrain variation without facing any challenging climbs.

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