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Casual Saturday Rides are back! The ride leaves from the shop on Saturdays at 8:00am!

Ride is two hours and the pace is a casual 13-16mph! The store is open for all your needs at 9am, so feel free to stop in afterwards!

*Please park on the side streets as the business opens while the ride is out*


Bike Fitting

Blue Sky Bicycles Fit Services

As part of a bike purchase at Blue Sky, basic fitting services are included in the process of selecting the customers’ new bike. However for a variety of reasons, many riders with existing bikes come to us for our expertise in customizing their bike fit. Some riders are looking for a more aerodynamic bike position, others are looking to maximize their power and many simply want to be more comfortable on their bikes.

Blue Sky offers a range of fit services all of which involve time with a Certified Fit Technician. The Fit Technician’s job is to listen to your needs and objectives and then use his or her extensive practical experience both as a cyclist and a trained fitting professional to make or recommend changes that will enhance and optimize your cycling experiences.

The following information outlines our standard fitting services. If you have other specific questions or needs in regard to bicycle fit, please give us a call and ask to speak with one of our three Certified Fit Technicians.

Re-Evaluation Fit: $100/hour

  • Review of current fit
  • Manual tools or Video Analysis
  • Leg extension
  • Saddle fore and aft
  • Handle bar adjustment
  • Cleat installation and adjustment

Triathlon Existing Bike Fit: $275

In addition to the Existing Bike fit:

  • 3-3.5 hours
  • Triathlon Specific Adjustments
  • Aerodynamic evaluation
  • Aerobar set up

Cleat Analysis: $100/hour

  • Foot structure evaluation
  • Cleat installation and adjustment
  • Knee tracking and foot/pedal interface via video analysis

*parts and accessories needed to accomplish an appropriate fit are additional.

So that we may devote uninterrupted time to your bicycle fitting please call ahead for a fitting appointment.