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Casual Saturday Rides are back! The ride leaves from the shop on Saturdays at 8:00am!

Ride is two hours and the pace is a casual 13-16mph! The store is open for all your needs at 9am, so feel free to stop in afterwards!

*Please park on the side streets as the business opens while the ride is out*



Fork Services

Basic Lower Leg Service

$60.00 for “cartridge” style forks – These forks have specific lube for the bushings that is kept separate from the oil used for damping the rate of compression or rebound.

$75.00 for “open bath” style forks – These forks utilize the same oil to lubricate the bushing that is used for damper functions. The non-damper side will have a different, bushing specific lubricant.

Prices are labor only. In almost every case, new outer dust wipers are needed. These cost $15-40 depending on your fork and will be priced for you when you drop the bike off.

Complete Overhaul – $120.00

This service is for either an open bath or a cartridge style fork. The work includes a complete tear down of the fork’s damper and air spring, replacement of the O-rings, sliders and other “normal” wear items. Blue Sky generally needs a week to complete this service as it is impossible to have all the possible small parts on hand for the variety of forks on the market.


There are several items that can be addressed in a lower leg service. Sticky or missing knobs, issues with damping performance, bleeding cartridges, loss of lockout, etc. These can be added to the Basic Lower Leg service on an a la carte basis on an as-needed basis.

Rear Shock Services

$50.00 Air sleeve Service – Remove rear shock; remove O-rings and sliders associated with the air can of the rear shock. Replace with new O-rings, sliders, re-assemble.

Prices are labor only.

Blue Sky Bicycles is equipped and able to perform the basic maintenance required for almost any suspension item on the market. Your bike/suspension piece has its own recommended service intervals as identified in the owner’s manual (most companies post their information online). Depending on your particular suspension system, your bicycle’s rear suspension design, the conditions and frequency of your rides, you may find these service intervals don’t match what you really need.

There are two things you can do very easily. First, be aware of the service intervals and make sure that the suspension is getting inspected on a regular weekly or monthly basis and maintained when necessary. Secondly, the outer dust wipers should be kept clean, free of debris and lubricated with a specific product to keep the seals in the best condition. Cleaning the seals and lubricating them takes less than a minute and is crucial in the fight against unwanted wear.

A little reminder on the service intervals- the recommendations from the companies are to ensure the best performance AND the longest life of all the parts. In our experience with the riders in this area, most people can extend the intervals beyond what the manufacturer recommends without any serious concerns about premature wear or damage. However, small changes in performance can’t be easily detected over time. Even though the item may still “feel” good to you, if you have more than 100 hours on it, you are definitely either past the interval or are very close to needing a service.

Regardless of the manufacture’s recommendations, the best suggestion from us would be to plan on a basic service every year. Every other year, or as needed with particular items, a complete overhaul should be done.