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Tech Center

Estimates Are Always Free

When you bring your ride to Blue Sky Bicycles for service, we always begin with a free and no-obligation estimate. One of our service professionals will inspect your bicycle and carefully explain what repairs your bike may need. This can include any upgrades you may want to do. Together, you will decide how to proceed with the repair.

Walk-Ins Welcome!

Sometimes you cannot predict when your bicycle will need attention. Bring it to us! If we can fix it on the spot, we will do so. We can do a variety of repairs while you wait. The sooner we know you need help, the sooner you can be riding!

Expedited Service Available

Many of our services are available with an expedited turnaround, with a rush fee. Our ability to do emergency service may vary, depending on needed parts and the current work-load in the tech center.

Labor Prices

Basic Inspection/Adjustment  $49.99

  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust gears
  • Lubricate chain
  • Safety check on all screws/bolts
  • Inflate tires to recommended pressure

Service Packages

Your bicycle should be brought in for service every 1,000 miles, or so. Based on our experience, even the most recreational miles ridden in the best weather conditions result in your bicycle needing attention. We offer several service packages based on that experience. The prices below are for labor only; any necessary parts are additional.

Annual Preventative Maintenance Package

$89.99 for most bicycles
$124.99 for full-suspension mountain bike (includes checking all pivot torque specs)
$119.99 for recumbent or tandem

  • Performed every 700-1,000 miles (depending on conditions)
  • Safety inspection
  • Drivetrain lubrication
  • Inspection, lubrication, and adjustment of derailleurs/brakes
  • Wheel truing
  • Adjust all bearings
  • Check and tighten all bolts/nuts/fasteners
  • Inflate tires to recommended pressure
  • Wipe down frame
  • Includes labor for installation of brake pads and cables.

Essential Package

$164.99 for most bicycles
$164.99 for full-suspension mountain bike
$169.99 for recumbent or tandem

  • Performed every 1,000-2,000 miles (depending on conditions)
  • Includes all aspects of the Annual Preventative Maintenance Package, plus:
    • Removal of entire drivetrain, allowing thorough cleaning
    • Re-installation and adjustment of drivetrain
    • Installation of new chain, cassette, brake pads (as needed)

Additional Fees

  • Dirty/rusty bikes – $30.00 additional
  • Disposal of unwanted bicycle – $20.00

Announcements: We’re back from our break! Now is the best time to get your bike in before it gets busy so you’re ready for Spring and that first nice day of the year.