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Steve McAlpine

Steve McAlpine

Where do you live, what do you do for a living, and how old are you?

I live in Saratoga Springs and I am 57.

What kind of bike(s) do you ride? What are the features you like about them?

My road bikes are Pinarello Paris, Serotta Colorado TI, Cervelo S5, Bianchi Veloce Classic Steel. For off-road, I have a Jake the Snake Kona cyclocross bike, a Scott mountain bike, and an All-City track bike that Blue Sky Bicycles mechanic Steve Aalderink designed and built for me a few year ago. The features I like most about my bikes are the frame design and the difference in the handling of the various frame designs: carbon fiber, titanium, steel, and aluminum).

How long have you been riding, and how did you get into cycling? 

I’ve been riding all my life. I had a 3-speed English racer as a kid growing up in Poughkeepsie, New York, and I learned to ride on the campus of Vassar College. I purchased a Schwinn Unicycle with my first paycheck.

How do you typically put the miles on your bike(s)?

Mostly road. I try to ride outside as much as possible all year round and I typically ride about 8,000 miles.

Do you have some favorite routes or races? 

My favorite routes all leave Saratoga Springs and either head out west to Greenfield towards Lake Desolation or east towards the Saratoga Battlefield or Malta Ridge. I also enjoy riding north towards Gansevoort and West River Road. My favorite races are the Battenkill and the Blackfly Challenge. I was also happy to see the Lake Desolation Race return, and I participated in that race last year.

What are your long-term cycling goals? 

Continue to ride competitively and participate in road races as a Category 4 and Masters racer. I would also like to experience track racing on a Velodrome when I have more free time.

What are your proudest moments as a cyclist? 

Completing my first race (criterium) in my 20’s years ago. That is when I decided that I really liked competing on the bike and racing.

What tips would you offer to less experienced riders? 

Work on developing a smooth pedal stroke with a high cadence. Practice this by riding in one less gear than you are used to riding in. I also recommend rollers as a way to improve the pedaling stroke, especially during the off-season.

What’s your favorite cycling product/accessory? 

I really like the high-profile carbon fiber aero wheels that are popular today. I believe that a new wheelset is the best upgrade that a cyclist can make to the bike.

How do you fuel and hydrate when you’re in the saddle? 

I use energy gels and bananas to fuel and Skratch to hydrate. For longer rides, I bring along Fig Newtons.

Any funny or unusual experiences during your riding/racing career? 

While riding in the Ididaride a few years ago near Indian Lake, a Black Bear suddenly popped out of the woods and ran across the road, almost taking out our entire group!

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