Enjoy Life, Stay Healthy, Keep Riding

Casual Saturday Rides are back! The ride leaves from the shop on Saturdays at 8:00am!

Ride is two hours and the pace is a casual 13-16mph! The store is open for all your needs at 9am, so feel free to stop in afterwards!

*Please park on the side streets as the business opens while the ride is out*


Who We Are


Blue Sky Bicycles was started in 1998 by Liz Gormley. Liz started her career in bicycle retail in 1977. It all started with taking a job at a bike shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts as a means to pay her way through college.

She has been involved with bikes ever since. After a brief career as a bike racer and a longer career as a cycling coach, Liz held a variety of positions in the bike industry including National Sales Manager for companies like CycleOps and Serotta.



Liz Gormley


Porter Corners, NY.  Originally from Dover, Massachusetts

Favorite Rides

Mountain: Porcupine Rim, Moab Utah.
Road:  Saratoga and Washington County, NY

Something you didn’t know about Liz

At the last minute she said goodbye to Law School to lead a cycling life.


Steve Aalderink

Husband and Father


Cambridge, NY.  Originally from the great but flat state of Michigan

Favorite Rides

Road: Sunny and smooth
Mountain: Technical and rocky

Something you didn’t know about Steve

Worked as a Graphic Designer at an Ad Agency in New York City


Caleb Batchelder


Saratoga Springs, NY.  Originally from Cooperstown, NY

Favorite Rides

Road:Mount. Lemon, Tuscon, AZ. A 28 mile climb that ends at a cafe to relax after several hours of climbing.
Mountain: Windham UCI World Cup XC Course. Steep uphills followed by a Slalom styled downhill.

Something that you didn’t know about Caleb

Grew up on a farm … you would never guess that now.

Celestino Williams


Originally from Bocas Del Toro, Panama, I have been on a bike since I was a kid. To this day cycling remains one of my favorite things to do.

Favorite Rides

Ticonderoga Ride/Cruise

Saratoga National Battlefield Loop

Something you didn’t know about Celestino

Before I joined the Blue Sky team, I worked for Serotta Competition Bicycles. There I learned about the art of creating the bicycle of your dreams.  I also have an eco-tourism business in Panama called Soposo Rainforest Adventures.  Some day, I hope to include cycling as a part of my tour.

Christine McKnight


Christine grew up near Grand Rapids, Michigan and has lived in the Saratoga Springs area for more than 40 years.

Favorite Rides

40-mile clockwise loop from her home in Wilton on back roads that takes her past Moreau Lake State Park, the Schuylerville Monument, Saratoga National Battlefield, and home along the northern edge of Saratoga Lake. For Ironman training, repeat.

Something you didn’t know about Chris

Chris was fifty when she completed her first Triathlon.

Glenn Busby

AKA Dr. Pain (don’t ask him why)


After growing up in Indiana, working in Hawaii, Taiwan, and Guam – have lived in Niskayuna, NY since 1998.

Favorite Rides

50 mile Southern Loop on Guam, USA, 14 climbs, 90 degrees, 90% humidity.

Something you didn’t know about Glenn

He had a long and successful career in broadcasting.


This eclectic group of people, with wildly different backgrounds, temperaments and proclivities shares one undying passion and that is the bicycle. We want all of our customers to enjoy their riding experiences – however they define them – as much as we have enjoyed ours over the decades that we have all been riding.

Enjoy your life, stay healthy,  keep riding.